What's New on Pro-Link Organisation

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Driven by an act of humanity, Pro-Link Organisation, without donor assistance, has moved in swiftly to address the adolescent reproductive health needs of over 5,000 youths of Mafi-Kumasi, in the Adidome District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

In order to bring relief to the deplorable state of the makeshift educational structures housing several Primary, JSS, Secondary and Technical schools in Mafi-Kumasi, Pro-Link is seeking collaboration to quickly remedy this lingering threat to the safety and well-being of several phantom of the opera broadway tickets thousand students.

The fate of several of students in Mafi-Kumasi is a serious concern for Pro-Link Organisation. These students are virtually out of school due to the inability of their families to raise the equivalent of $18.00 per term. Pro-Link is actively looking for assistance for these students.

The prospect for initiating socio-economic projects is poised to produce fruits in Mafi-Kumasi. The area is an agriculture-based community and Pro-Link is planning to support a Cassava-processing project in the district. You can see one of here.

Committed to the principle of empowering disadvantaged people, Pro-Link has embarked on the reintegration and readjustment of 'street kids' into productive life. These youths are currently receiving training in the mechanics of bicycle repair at various project sites in the Volta, Greater Accra and the Central regions.

30 impoverished women and youth (PLWHA) in the Greater Accra area are adding value to their socio-economic status through a skill-building project initiated by Pro-Link. They are being trained tye and dye and batik techniques and aided in bringing these products to market.

'Encouraging', is the term that accompanies Pro-Link's initiated Foundation Clubs. Foundation Clubs are now in schools in six districts throughout the country. The Stepping-Stones Methodology is being used to bring about behaviour change communication to instill a culture of abstinence in the youths. The beneficiary communities are bearing testimonies to the effectiveness of this approach. Other communities need to benefit.

Pro-Link is prioritizing the setting up of Vocational Training Centres. The reason is simply to provide an opportunity for the disadvantaged - in order to add to their socio-economic empowerment and help in the fight against poverty.

The health of some 20,000 Liberian refugees at the Buduburam refugee camp remains a serious concern to Pro-Link Organization. A pilot project in Adolescent Reproductive Health has been in progress for some 18 months now and a number of Foundation Clubs have been put in place.

Two JVC products - courtesy of American Jewish World Service (AJWS) are expected to end their four-month tours of duty shortly. Jeremy Blumenfeld and Catherine Bell have been at Pro-Link engaged in the cross-pollination of ideas. Jeremy is an IT tactician while Catherine a social worker.